Tara Rava - Fashion Model
Tara Rava is not only my name, but as well describes me as the individual that I am. The uniqueness of my physiology is that I originate from two distinct cultures. My father was born in Russia and my mothers parents were born and raised in Italy. The Italian and Russian characteristics are obvious in my features and qualities. I truly believe that I have become "world obsessed" because I was raised in such a strange family! I was raised in a house located in the middle of the woods without the option of watching TV available; you can imagine that my siblings and I definitely entertained ourselves. During the winter, we go cross country sledding which is a sport that I'm pretty sure we invented.

The other main factor in my life that contributes to my being- is the small community that I grew up in. The close knit town of 2,000 people residing in the beautiful state of Montana has also has a large influence on my personality.
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